18K blue sapphire hallo engagement ring in white gold

Why this blue sapphire halo engagement ring is easily your women's choice

Shiraz Jewelry

Wow! What a difference you will feel from a custom made ring. Of course there are options for you to get a casting made ring which was mass produced together with hundreds of them at the same time. But when you touch and feel this ring, you will understand what makes this ring special.

We've Got The Right Sapphire Gemstone

First of all, finding a blue sapphire with great luster and clarity is like finding a needle in a haystack. If you are in the gemstone industry or if you are a jewelry enthusiast, you will know that sapphires are one of the most rarest gemstones in the world. In contrary, diamonds are far more available compared to sapphires.

Typically only a fraction of rough sapphire specimen can actually be used for jewelry, the rest is not gemstone quality. So we really treasure this blue sapphire.

Made by Hand, Loved by Man

This blue sapphire engagement ring is entirely made by hand. Our jewelry factory in Chiang Mai has been making handmade jewelries since 1983, and we love what we are doing!

As the ring band was made by hand to match our high Shiraz quality standard, it has a strong solid 18K gold band which will certainly stand up to the test of time. I wish we could show you how many times we receive repair work to fix other’s broken prongs, bent metal bands, lost gems, and yes.. lost diamonds which can cost you thousands of dollars.

Design, Design, and Design

Behind every masterpiece, there is a grand design. The design of this ring is amazing and at the same time suitable for hand made production. We are fortunate enough to work with Julius Dela Cruz, a young talented jewelry designer who has been in the industry for many years. Check out his work here on Instagram.


Here are the full ring specifications:

Total Diamond Weight: 0.20 carat (16 pcs)
Main Gemstone: Blue Sapphire
Main Gemstone Weight: 1.99 carat 
Main Gemstone Shape:  Round
Metal: 18K White Gold

If you have questions or comments about the ring, visit us in Chiang Mai (Thailand) or message us at Shiraz Jewelry here. We can customise a ring which is suitable for your need.  

Natural blue sapphire with diamonds ring like this can easily costs multiple thousands of dollars. That is because natural blue sapphire is very rare.Different view of this handmade blue sapphire ring in 18k white goldThe ring featured twisted band which gives you a modern touch

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