Green Sapphire

Green Sapphire

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How Durable is Green Sapphire?
We are talking about the second hardest mineral after diamond, all sapphires belong to corundum family, which rated 9 on the Mohs scale. Cut green sapphires are both hard and tough, make it perfect for daily wear.

Color: Green (light to dark)
Hardness: 9 Mohs
Specific Gravity: 3.99 - 4.00  
Refractive Index:  1.762 - 1.778 

Color Variations
The color of green sapphires can vary dramatically in hue, tone, and saturation. We've seen green sapphires in a very light green color, yellowish-green, bluish-green, to an extremely dark and rich color.

Where Are Green Sapphires From?
The mines in Australia also produces green sapphire. Sri Lanka is believed to have the finest ones, but it is very rare. Most of the green sapphire you will see on the market is from Thailand. This is why you can buy green sapphire from Shiraz Jewelry for a very low price. If you are looking for a ring with Thai green sapphire, check out this call Shiraz Jewelry.

What To Look For When Making A Green Sapphire Ring?
We've seen an increase in colored stone engagement rings in the past few years (we're now in 2020), especially young couples. Here are few things you have too look at:

  1. Color. This is the most important factor in determining the value and beauty of green sapphire. A deep and intense green color is the most sought after.

  2. Hue. Green sapphires could have hints of yellow or blue, which affects the overall appearance of the stone. From our experience, they could enrich the color, and some customers really love the yellowish or bluish green sapphires. We love them all!

  3. Clarity. Like any other gemstone, clarity is one factor you should consider. Most green sapphires contain long, needle-like lines, called rutile needles. This is common. It is extremely rare to find a green sapphire without these inclusions. A clean, no obvious inclusion green sapphire, is valuable.

  4. Cut. The most common cut for green sapphires are oval, round, and cushion. It is also pretty common to see them in pear, emerald, and princess cut. Whatever the cut is, a green sapphire should have a symmetrical cut that reflects light at the correct angles to display the luster.

  5. Weight. Green sapphire price, like any other gemstones, is measured by carat weight. The price will significantly increased as the carat weight increases.

TIPS for Buying Green Sapphire
You may be well aware that there are synthetic sapphires in the gemstone market. Getting what seems to be the best deal ever, may well be a 'too good to be true'. Here are some tips you can follow before deciding to buy. 

  1. See it directly. There is a lot of difference when looking at gemstone online versus directly using your own eyes. This is because when we try to capture the color and beauty of green sapphire, our camera lens may capture it differently.

  2. Ask for gem inspection under natural light. By far, natural sunlight is the best light you can get when seeing gemstone. After all, the sunlight is coming from the same sun you are used to whether you are in Thailand or in Europe (or anywhere else)

  3. Certificate. This piece of paper may contain details of your green sapphire. It is a very useful information, and make sure you keep it well.
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