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What is Moissanite?

Moissanite has been getting a lot of attention lately especially among the young people who are planning to get onboard of marriage life and do not want to get diamond. Dr Henri Moissan (yes, this is how the gemstone was named) found a small amount of a new mineral while inspecting a meteorite in Arizona. The mineral is naturally came from the outer space. It was the most brilliant stone he has ever seen, full of luster, fire and hard. But the sample was very little, it wasn't even enough to make a ring with it.

Where Can I Find Moissanite?

It is unlikely you will find moissanite in nature. It is a rare mineral. It has been discovered only in a few rocks and meteorites. But thanks to science, we can get it from jewelry stores who sell moissanites all around the world.

Should I Buy Moissanite?

In short, YES. Moissanite is a gemstone by itself. It is not a diamond replacement just because its appearance is similar to diamond. We love how moissanites are hard enough to resist wear and tear of your daily hits and bumps.

Why Should I Choose Moissanite?

Here are 5 benefits of choosing moissanite:

  1. Low Price. This is the biggest advantage of moissanite. You will be able to find a moissanite engagement ring for much cheaper than of diamond. The price of moissanite is open in the market, and there is no company or organization controlling the price. But beware of buying a low, too-good-to-be-true moissanite. There are low quality moissanites available in the market as well.
  2. Brilliant. Moissanite is much brilliant than diamond. They have a very high refraction and dispersion, more than of diamonds! And moissanite has a rainbow effect which makes it even more attractive for some people.
  3. Strong and Durable. It is strong enough to last despite taking hits from everyday life over the years. Although moissanites are rank lower than diamonds in terms of hardness, they have proven to withstand the same wears and tears just like diamonds. Be assured that they will stay as clear as new for the rest of your life.
  4. Eco-Friendly and Sustainable. Most moissanites that are commercially available, did not go through mining process. They are made in labs, which is sustainable and do not cause environment problems as much as natural gemstones.
  5. Ethical and Conflict-Free. We've all seen the movie about conflict diamonds in a mineral-rich continent. People are fighting each other to get higher profits from diamond mines. The reality of moissanites are far from this, they are free of conflicts.

TIPS for Buying Moissanite to Make Moissanite Engagement Ring 

You may be well aware that moissanites are created in labs. The appearance of moissanite can be mistaken with diamond or even cubic zirconia. Here are some tips you can follow before deciding to buy at your preferred jewelry store. 

  1. Certificate. For your own peace of mind, ask for a certified moissanite which usually come with each stone. High quality moissanites are usually come with certificate, and the serial number is laser-printed on the moissanite itself. Look for it when you make a visit to your jewelry store. 
  2. Get Measured. Make sure you are properly measured to avoid any discomfort. If this is a surprise, try to get your partner's ring size as accurate as possible.
  3. Color. Like diamond, moissanite has color grades. Colorless is the most common color for engagement rings.
  4. Carat. Moissanites are about 7% lighter than diamond. A diamond with 1.00 carat size (diameter 6.5mm) will weigh 1.00 carat, while moissanite with the same diameter (6.5mm) will weigh 0.93 carat. It is common for jeweler to call a 6.5mm moissanite as 1.00 carat moissanite.

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