Thai green sapphire is naturally beautiful and underpriced at the moment. Visit Shiraz Jewelry in Chiang Mai to get the best price of the green sapphire

Have you tried green sapphire?

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I bet you haven't tried a green sapphire jewelry before. Although common in blue, sapphires come in green too. I guarantee you'll love green sapphire more than ever now.

With over 7 billion people and counting, natural gemstone jewelry presents a unique position more than ever, especially among the collectors.

The challenge? Finding the best quality at the lowest price! The good news is: Thailand's Green Sapphires are at the best position to acquire now.


Who Should Get a Thai Green Sapphire?

Anyone can wear a green sapphire jewelry. In our 39 years experience serving customers in jewelry industry, we've seen mature couples wearing green sapphire earrings and rings. We've seen parents bought a green sapphire ring for their daughter's graduation day. And sure, we can delve a little more deeper into the demographics when we have time.


5 Steps to Own Great Quality Green Sapphire

While there isn't any 'official' laboratory in the world which only grading sapphires, there are ways you can optimize your green sapphire hunting efforts and boost your success.

1. The Cut

There is a little secret gemstone cutters don't want you to know: cut as little as possible to preserve the weight. Unfortunately this will affect how the gemstone reflects incoming lights too, making it less attractive. Try to get a green sapphire which is well-balanced and great in cut for better value and visual.

2. The Clarity

No one want a dull jewelry. Make sure your green sapphire is not a cabochon cut. Look for it under natural light for better inspection process. Cabochon cut typically made for cloudy and unattractive gemstones.

3. The Weight

Green sapphire price, like any other gemstones, is measured by carat weight. The price will significantly increased as the carat weight increases. But the bigger is not necessarily the better for you. Choose the right size for your jewelry.

4. The Color

A green that is deep green is most desirable. But we have noticed that there has been an increase of demand in colors such as navy green, green-blue, green-yellow, and teal. Dual color green sapphires are also our best buy among the young couples.

5. The Treatment

It is very common to see sapphire treatment by heat. This process often accompanied by other element such as beryllium to enhance the clarity and color. But if you are into natural, unheated gemstones, you may have to fork your pocket a little deeper as they are more expensive and valuable.


TIPS for Buying Green Sapphire?

You may be well aware that there are synthetic sapphires in the gemstone market. Getting what seems to be the best deal ever, may well be a 'too good to be true'. Here are some tips you can follow before deciding to buy.

1. See it directly. There is a lot of difference when looking at gemstone online versus directly using your own eyes. This is because when we try to capture the color and beauty of green sapphire, our camera lens may capture it differently. 

2. Ask for gem inspection under natural light. By far, natural sunlight is the best light you can get when seeing gemstone. After all, the sunlight is coming from the same sun you are used to whether you are in Thailand or in Europe (or anywhere else)

3. Certificate. This piece of paper may contain details of your green sapphire. It is a very useful information, and make sure you keep it well.



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