Where to find good blue zircon gemstone in Chiang Mai, Thailand?

Where to Find Blue Zircon?

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  • Pleochroism: One unique feature of blue zircon is its pleochroism, which means it displays different colors when viewed from different angles.
  • Price ranges from THB1,500/carat up to THB70,000/carat.
  • Blue zircon is the alternative birthstone for December.

One of the most compelling features of blue zircon is its remarkable refractive index, which allows it to disperse light in a captivating manner. This property contributes to its impressive fire and sparkle, creating an alluring visual effect that sets it apart from other gemstones. Blue zircon's brilliance and luster make it a popular choice for jewelry, especially as a focal point in rings, necklaces, and earrings.

Is Blue Zircon Valuable?

Blue zircon holds a significant value in the gemstone market, primarily due to its rarity, aesthetic appeal, and desirable optical properties. While the value of any gemstone is subject to market dynamics and individual preferences, blue zircon is generally considered a valuable gemstone.

How Much is Blue Zircon Worth?

The price of a blue zircon can vary widely depending on several factors, including the gemstone's quality, size, color, clarity, cut, and origin, as well as market demand and prevailing economic conditions. To provide you with a general idea, I can provide a rough price range based on common blue zircon characteristics:

  • For smaller blue zircons (under 1 carat), prices typically start around THB1,500 to THB 3,500 per carat (or about US$50 to $100) for commercial-grade stones with fair to good color and clarity. As the size increases and the quality improves, prices can range from THB 5,000 to THB 17,000 per carat (or US$150 to $500) for stones with better color saturation, clarity, and cutting precision.
  • For blue zircons in the 1 to 5 carat range, prices can range from THB 10,000 and above per carat (or US$300 above) for stones with good to excellent color, clarity, and cutting. Exceptional blue zircons, particularly those with vivid blue color, excellent clarity, and precision cutting, can command prices above THB 70,000 per carat (or US$2,000).

Does Blue Zircon Fade?

Simple answer: NO.

However, it's worth noting that extreme heat and prolonged exposure to intense sunlight can potentially affect the color of blue zircon. Excessive heat can cause the gemstone to lose its blue hue temporarily, appearing colorless or pale. This phenomenon is known as "thermal shock." Fortunately, the color typically returns once the gemstone cools down.

Blue zircon is generally a stable and durable gemstone, and its color does not fade over time under normal wear and exposure to light.

Where Can We Find Blue Zircon?

Blue zircon can be found in various locations around the world. Some of the notable sources include:

  1. Cambodia: Cambodia is known for its rich deposits of blue zircon, particularly in the Ratanakiri province. The gemstones from this region often display a vivid blue color and are highly sought after by collectors.

  2. Sri Lanka: Sri Lanka, renowned for its gemstone industry, is also a significant source of blue zircon. The gemstones from this region are known for their exceptional clarity and intense blue hues.

  3. Myanmar (Burma): Myanmar has been a traditional source of blue zircon for many years. The gemstones from this region often exhibit a mesmerizing teal or blue-green color.

  4. Thailand: Thailand is known for its vibrant gemstone market and is a prominent source of blue zircon. The gemstones from Thailand display a range of blue shades, from pale to deep and intense hues.

  5. Australia: Australia is home to some blue zircon deposits, with Queensland being a notable source. Australian blue zircons are known for their attractive blue colors and are highly valued in the market.

  6. Tanzania: In recent years, Tanzania has emerged as a significant source of blue zircon. The gemstones from this region often exhibit a vivid blue color and exceptional brilliance.

When purchasing blue zircon, it's advisable to rely on reputable gemstone dealers and jewelers who can provide information about the gemstone's origin and ensure its authenticity.

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